Way to Get Khula and Talaq in Pakistan (2022)

Valid Talaq e Salasa in Pakistan

Khula and Talaq in Pakistan:

 If you wish to know about talaq in Pakistan or how to file for khula in Pakistan, you may contact us. The study also attempted to discover what role experts played in informing and influencing the choices of Muslim divorced women made by their spouses?’ The data gathered was analyzed using thematic analysis on talaq in Pakistan or how to file for khula in Pakistan. This resulted in many subthemes and themes that were in relation to answering research questions.

Selection of samples:

 The researcher made use of a network of contacts made up of relatives, friends as well as colleagues, and associates within the Muslim community to solicit participants. The researcher stayed clear of approaching institutions and organizations such as solicitors Shariah Councils or women’s organizations to recruit participants due to three reasons. It would firstly require reaching out to a gatekeeper or anyone who had control over access to participants, which would result in it would be difficult to get permission prior to engaging people.


Secondly, prior studies have shown that contacting some or two institutions may be indicative of a minority grouping and does not accurately reflect the nature of the issue. Thirdly, the researcher employed an inductive inquiry method, i.e., a bottom-up approach. The researcher on talaq in Pakistan or how to file for khula in Pakistan was looking to investigate the issues without evaluating any hypotheses that are based on any institutional practices.23 The majority of participants chosen were recruited through convenience sampling, and some were recruited through snowballing. The snowballing method did not work as well as we had hoped, mostly due to the fact that participants felt the topic of the study’s ‘divorce’ was a sensitive subject, and not all acquaintances or friends were willing to participate in an interview.

How to File For Khula in Pakistan:

The sample size of people selected for the study was determined by the idea of gaining “data saturation on talaq in Pakistan or how to file for khula in Pakistan, whereby the number of interviews was maintained until the results of the study did not provide any further insights.24 Profil of women who were interviewed The data offered a picture of the women that participated in the research. The women who participated were all second-generation British Muslim women who resided in London. The majority of women interviewed were in their late thirties and early 40s, with the median marital age at 18. All of them had a British education and were predominantly educated in a university, with their employment roughly evenly divided between those who were employed and those who weren’t.

Professional Interviewees:

 The researcher questioned experts on talaq in Pakistan or how to file for khula in Pakistan, i.e., experts who provide aid to Muslim women who are involved in divorce and marriage disputes. The benefit of expert-led conversations is they offer insights into subjects that have no data or a lack of knowledge on the topic. 25 The experts selected were imams, Shariah judge councils, solicitors, and counselors. The expert interviewees selected were based on the same concept of data saturation that was used in picking the Muslim women that participated.

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