Why should you have temporary impound insurance?

temporary impound insurance

When your vehicle is impounded, you have to act immediately to release it. Keeping your vehicle in the pound will not only leave you without a vehicle, but it will also cost you a lot. With temporary impound insurance, you get the coverage you need to release your vehicle quickly.

Impounded car insurance

You have to be insured by law, to have a policy of a minimum of 30 days in duration. With temporary impound insurance, you get the 30 days’ coverage you require to release your vehicle.

Without the right insurance such as one that does not cover impounded vehicles, you could end up seeking out even more money for your impounded vehicle.

Ensure that you get the right cover with impounded car insurance. The cover is available in a few minutes so you can get your vehicle released as early as possible.

Do you need specialist car insurance?

It is more than likely that you will require a specialist impounded car insurance policy as most yearly policies and even temporary insurance policies will not cover the release of impounded vehicles.

You are required to have a policy for a minimum of 30 days, you will have to make sure you have the right policy before purchasing. While yearly insurance policies are longer than 30 days, many standard car insurance policies will not cover impounded cars because of the increased risk.

Even temporary insurance policies will not be enough for you as they don’t provide you cover for the right time.

Why your vehicle has been impounded?

Finding out your vehicle has been impounded can be a tough thing. It is necessary to find out why your car has been impounded.

There can be many reasons why your vehicle may have been impounded. These include driving without valid insurance if it has been reported stolen, if it has been involved in an accident, or has been illegally parked.

Once you get to know who has impounded your vehicle, you can start the process to get it retrieved as early as possible. If your vehicle has been impounded, temporary car insurance could provide you with the coverage you need to release your vehicle.

Cost of getting an impounded vehicle out of impound

It depends on the situation largely however, it will usually cost between 100-200 pounds. You will have to pay every day for an impounded vehicle, it usually includes impound fees plus daily storage charges. With costs increasing every day, it is essential that you act quickly.

What do you need to release an impounded vehicle?

As well as the right insurance, you will be required other documents to retrieve an impounded car. If you have the right documents in place, it will quicken up the process, so here is the list of what you need to release your vehicle from the police pound.

  • Proof of valid insurance
  • Full driving license
  • Proof of ownership
  • A valid MOT certificate

There can be some other documents but you will come to know when you reach the police pound. Some pounds will need additional or different documents, the complete list of requirements will be given when your vehicle is ready for collection.

What do you need to get impound insurance?

To get impound insurance quotes, the important thing is that you are the registered owner of the vehicle.  You will have to be the owner of the vehicle to retrieve it.

To get cover, you will have to provide the following details:

  • Vehicle registration number
  • License type
  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Address and postal code

Most drivers can get impounded vehicle insurance however, there are some restrictions on who can get the coverage

You can get an impound insurance policy if you are

  • Aged between 21-75
  • Have a full UK driving license
  • Registered owner of the vehicle
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